How Dojo Works


Dojo is a co-learning community for technical skills. We are committed to building a welcoming and encouraging community that helps each other continuously learn the skills of the future.

Want to start your own Dojo chapter?

We currently are only in Singapore. We haven't really put much thought into how this could scale, but would love to talk to you if you're keen to bring this to your communities.

How Dojo Works

Locations and Upcoming Schedule

Please see Upcoming Sessions for the location of our next session.

10am: Tech Brunch:
We have a tech brunch at a nearby food place from at 10am as people slowly stream in on a Saturday morning. Make new friends and meet other interesting people! We usually hang around for about 45min.

Please check the Upcoming Sessions page to see the brunch and Dojo location. As of April 2017, we meet at BK Eating House at 32 South Bridge Rd (very to Collision8).

11am: Intros, Helps, Interestings:
We have a 10 minute standup where we have:

  • Intros: welcome new faces to the community
  • Helps: anyone with a request can ask the community
  • Interestings: anything (events, new techniques, resources) of interest or utility

Some weeks, we have people who share a special skill or demos something cool. This is a cool way to discover new and interesting classes, tools, projects, people and more.

11:30am - 4pm: Study time
This is our study time! We usually keep it free form. Feel free to study alone or form groups. People are usually super helpful about sharing learning resources or helping newbies, but please remember to not be too pushy/demanding.

What should I study?

We have put together a curated list of MOOCs in the Dojo MOOC Recommendations Spreadsheet. This is a crowdsourced and curated list of best MOOCs in Data Science, Fintech, and other areas.

We are likely to be starting a new initiative to build "Open Source Masters in __" for different areas. This are open source learning paths and guidebooks for newbies. If you are interested in working on this please talk to Daniel.


Occasionally, people will volunteer their time to help others or answer questions on Slack. As Dojo grows we hope to eventually set up Office Hour corners where mentors can have "office hours".